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Bodysuits I'm CRUSHIN on

APPY NEW YEAR! I am feeling ten times more motivated for my blog/insta this year so keep your eyes peeled! You all know how much I love bodysuits..... I pretty much live in them so I thought I would share with you my January crushes. Who know it might give you some inspo or make you realise you're missing a piece xo

Denim Jackets and Oversized Sweats

Denim jackets are a bit hit and miss with me, not really my thing but then sometimes I go through phases of adoring them. Today's post features this lush red fleeced jacket from Romwe. So if you're interested in all the deets.... read on x

Teddy coats YOU NEED

Teddy coats are one of the biggest fashion trends RN so if you haven't added one to your drobe you need to hit those Boxing Day sales ASAP!

Xmas Party Style Inspo

I don't actually have the stress of having to find an outfit for a xmas party BUT I thought I would share with you what I would choose if I was going to one and maybe it will help you decide on something!

How to be body confident?

Body confidence is probably one of the trickiest things to achieve in life and if you have it well go you! A lot of us struggle and that's perfectly normal and ok. If you've followed my blog for a long time you will know I'm not body confident in the slightest (it's all an act) which I will teach you my tricks and tips and hopefully after this post you might view yourself in a better light!

Velvet? Leather? December Essentials

This month is all about velvet, leather and a lot of leopard print. All styles I'm absolutely OBSESSED WITH. So if you need some wardrobe inspo for this month this post is for you x

Satin Obsession and staying motivated?

Firstly where the hell has November gone let alone this year? I'm suddenly drowning in work and have had no time to blog which is SO unlike me. I've nearly not posted for two weeks I haven't done that in 3 bloody years! It's always hard to lose motivation and think whats the point no one reads my stuff, well my friends if you have that mindset nothing fabulous will ever happen. This post is gonna be a lil bit of motivation and satin loving.  So if you're struggling with staying positive then read on x