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How I juggle working fulltime and influencing/blogging?

In short let me be straight up honest with you. It is HARD work. And I don't think people understand just how hard it is unless you're in the industry yourself. So to my fellow full-timers who manage influencing and blogging on the side honestly you're amazing. But this post is for the people who want to do blogging but are scared because of full-time working commitments. I will be BRUTALLY honest with you in this post. Hopefully not to the point I'll put you off but I will explain it from my perspective how I juggle everything and whether it's worth it.

The Perfect Bunch For Valentines

I was recently gifted the most gorgeous roses from Prestige Flowers and they are certainly living up to my expectations. So if want to get your partner or best friend the perfect gift this valentines then this is the bunch for you.