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The return of the crop

Do you ever struggle to find an outfit that is both casual yet dressy? I'll admit its hard but it can be easily done. You all know my obsession for crop clothing but I'm also VERY much obsessed with circle zips and high neck tops atm. So read on if you want to know how I style crop clothing x

Feel like you're getting nowhere with insta?

This industry is VERY competitive and its so easy to lose yourself sometimes and get mega down. The moment you start feeling like this I recommend you take a lil break. Now I know this industry is a money making game for some people but for others, it's a genuine hobby they hope to turn into something one day. So I wanted to give a lil bit of advice on how to not beat yourself up and compare yourself to other influencers on Instagram.

The Importance Of Self Love

The most important lesson I have learnt growing up is that the only person you can truly rely on and knows you inside out is yourself. People will come in and out of your life and relationships are not always forever. That's why you always and I mean ALWAYS have to have your own back. Thankfully I have always managed to do this but I know how difficult it can be for some people to learn to love themselves again so as it's International Women's Day I wanna give you some tips. 

The two piece obsession

I'm turning 21 VERY SOON (terrifying) have I got my life together? Absolutely not. However, I have got a good outfit sorted so I guess that is something.... I've been looking for some high waisted striped trousers for ages and nowhere had any I loved. But ofc the opposite side of the bloody world did. Regrets? None. 

The girl in red

Red is a very daring colour to most of us girls and apparently the most intimidating to other females? I never really have the confidence to wear red but as I said in a previous post, this year I'm going to further experiment with my style and confidence and not care what people think. This beaut was only £5 as well?? CRAZY. 

Body Confidence and cute sweatshirts

Today's post is about tips to stop you being your biggest critic whilst featuring my favourite sweatshirt ever and it's mega cheap so read on to find out more x

Blogging goals for 2018

I've been in this blogging game since I was 17 but only started taking it seriously last summer. I've always been consistent on my blog but never been happy with any of my content. I'm a massive perfectionist so it's extremely hard to please me. I thought I would share with you a few of my goals for this year and hopefully inspire you x