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White clothing: Yay or nay?

When it comes to wearing white or red a lot of girls see it as a 'risky' colour and I GET IT. You stand out ten times more and can feel a lil insecure. I decided this year to stop caring what people thought of me, now I can't say I've completed that mission BUT I am definitely getting better and wearing what the hell I want when I want. So hopefully after this post, you might feel more inclined to venture towards white clothing and not be as scared x

The Swimwear Edit

Its that time of year again where finding the perfect swimwear seems almost impossible?? BUT this year I'm actually so impressed and weirdly prefer swimsuits to bikinis. This season is all about the high waist and the return of the one pieces! So here are my current lovers.

T-shirt dresses YOU NEED

T-shirt dresses are the hottest trend of this season and if you aren't already obsessed..you will be after this post OR at least be inspired. They are perfect for this transitional weather with a cute pair of trainers. So it's time to get the legs out, the tan on and soak up the English sun (won't last long...)

The return of the crop

Do you ever struggle to find an outfit that is both casual yet dressy? I'll admit its hard but it can be easily done. You all know my obsession for crop clothing but I'm also VERY much obsessed with circle zips and high neck tops atm. So read on if you want to know how I style crop clothing x

Feel like you're getting nowhere with insta?

This industry is VERY competitive and its so easy to lose yourself sometimes and get mega down. The moment you start feeling like this I recommend you take a lil break. Now I know this industry is a money making game for some people but for others, it's a genuine hobby they hope to turn into something one day. So I wanted to give a lil bit of advice on how to not beat yourself up and compare yourself to other influencers on Instagram.

The Importance Of Self Love

The most important lesson I have learnt growing up is that the only person you can truly rely on and knows you inside out is yourself. People will come in and out of your life and relationships are not always forever. That's why you always and I mean ALWAYS have to have your own back. Thankfully I have always managed to do this but I know how difficult it can be for some people to learn to love themselves again so as it's International Women's Day I wanna give you some tips. 

The two piece obsession

I'm turning 21 VERY SOON (terrifying) have I got my life together? Absolutely not. However, I have got a good outfit sorted so I guess that is something.... I've been looking for some high waisted striped trousers for ages and nowhere had any I loved. But ofc the opposite side of the bloody world did. Regrets? None.