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Embracing different styles

Being back from holiday sucks, doesn't it? I always struggle with MAJOR holiday blues when I arrive back in the UK. I think I've got the travel bug 24/7. Anyway, today's post is about being experimental and embracing new styles. We all know I'm a huge lover of jumpsuits but this one was even a little out of my own comfort zone believe it or not!

A Summer OOTD With Topshop

Does anyone else struggle to think of creative titles for their posts? Well I do every single time so I've come up with an even more boring one than usual. Today's OOTD is this beautiful Topshop slit dress that I'm completely OBSESSED WITH. Interested? Read on x

The Return Of The One Piece

Uploading blog posts abroad is not my fave thing to do because 100% of the time the internet is shocking, which is why it has taken me nearly a week to upload one! Today's post is about the return of the one piece, something I never ever saw myself wearing again since I stopped wearing them in 2002!! I've seen a load of bloggers wearing them and I thought why not TRY and see if I like them again and now I prefer them more than wearing bikinis!!

Free gifts are always WORTH IT

I'm a sucker for any type of makeup offers. Bourjous currently have one that if you spend £12 you get a free gift. Well, ladies, thank me later, this gift is MORE than worth it! Full-size products?! You hardly ever get full-size products in a free gift, yet alone 3 of them! I always find free products are a perfect excuse to experiment with different makeup that you wouldn't usually go for, then you end up buying it and spending even more money. Life ay.

Why I prefer reading blogs than magazines

Magazines and bloggers seem to have a weird relationship. Most of the time we don't seem to be magazines greatest fans as they see us as 'competition'. I personally don't see any competition as we are both completely different! I don't read many magazines so I thought I would share my thoughts on why I prefer reading blogs, maybe you feel the same? 

Summer Wardrobe MUST HAVES

Struggling to know how to dress this summer? GIRLS I GOT YOUR BACK. I find summer the trickiest season to dress for, one minute it's sunny the next we can be in the torrential rain. I can't say I'm a girl who ever really dresses for the weather... BUT below I've put together a few of my fave pieces that I hope will give you some inspo for your summer drobe!

Don't be resentful of others success- be inspired!

Social media can be SO depressing sometimes BUT it can also make you feel very inspired and motivated to work harder when you see someone doing amazing. We've all scrolled through Instagram and seen bloggers receiving amazing gifts, working with incredible brands and travelling the world with them and you just sit there and sigh. Comparison ladies gets you absolutely nowhere if anything it demotivates me! So stop feeling sorry for yourself and bringing your blog down! I have a few tips x