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Homelessness the widespread social issue

Today I encountered the realisation of the hardship homeless people face in their day to day lives, struggling to make ends meet. 

Scavenging, begging and destroying their welfare.

The question is, WHY in this modern day society is homelessness still a widespread social issue we ignorantly choose to ignore.

We live in one of the most richest well developed countries and yet this is still a major social problem affecting a large proportion of the population and is yet to increase.

Waiting for a lift earlier, I noticed a homeless man, crouched outside the one stop, hands cupped, begging passers by to spare a few pounds. It was interesting to witness the amount of people who chose to ignore this man, chose to ignore the state he was in and chose to just continue walking.

The question is, would you stop?
Would you acknowledge this man?

The sad reality is, the majority choose to ignore this issue

But this man fascinated me, he was unfazed by the bustling rush hour of Stratford, instead he was focused on one thing, the litter bin.

Have you ever stopped to think of how much we take food and water for granted?

This man looked so relieved to find a half drank water bottle in this bin, not bothering about who had drank it before him, he didn't think twice, instead he just frantically downed the bottle. A sigh of relief seemed to stretch across his face, a smile of desperation, he had got through another day of surviving on the streets.

Its all about selfishness and time isn't it?

If i had had the time, I would of stopped, offered him money. But this isn't good enough. We all need to stop making excuses and face the reality of this issue.

We need to start acknowledging we can't ignore this forever and maybe start asking questions but are we too scared of the answers?

I saw this man for about five minutes, in that short amount of time it was enough to make me think of the daily battle homeless people face.

So maybe you should to.

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