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Coping with bullies

Throughout my entire time at school from the age of 5-16 I was severely bullied, now when I tell alot of people that they kind of look at me completely shocked

Bullying is one of the hardest things I had to deal with and I went through it alone, I was scared to stand up for myself or to seek help

It felt like everyone was against me

Theres never any excuse for bullying, I was constantly tormented over my appearence being called a 'pig', 'munted' ugly every evil word a boy or girl could say got me

I have always been classified as 'shy' now for me I find that extremely offensive, I hate the word infact I depise it, why should we be judged on our confidence levels or personality?

School was a horrific time for me, it got to the point I would pretend to be ill, skive lessons and the entire time I was alone, I never told anybody until it got too bad and I ended up moving schools in year 7

Moving schools increased my anxiety levels, I was miserable constantly, avoided people, I began to live up to my name of 'quiet girl' I was scared of people, someone would always find something to say about me

So throughout my second high school the torment continued, I was kicked, laughed at and constantly tormented by a group of girls, humiliating me in every single way until they got what they wanted me in tears, having a panic attack

Now at every high school there are different groups, the popular girls who destroyed my confidence, glared at me and bitched about me as I walked past, again it got to the point where I would cry every night because everyone seemed to hate me, I never had one true friend it felt everyone was out to get me

Bullying is something you don't have to face alone

1. Never give in- if a bully knows they have made you miserable then they know they have won
2. Never feel alone or that you can"t talk to someone, there will be people on your side like me
3. Remember bullies are disatisfied with the way they are, they take their insecurities out on you, they know your better than them and they can't take it

Please don't suffer alone, if I can help atleast one person from this post thats enough to make me happy

Don't feel alone

It does get better, I sat there most days thinking no one will ever like me, I can promise you it does work out, I now have an amazing group of friends and a perfect boyfriend that I would be lost without

So never give up hope x

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