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Cute lil nic nacs

So I really like typical french themed rooms, I love white furniture, lil vintage objects and I am more than obsessed with Paris, so my room has alot of french decor, I also have alot of floral patterns going on and vintage postcards

In another blog I may show you a room tour or even vlog it

So below are a few lil things in my room, not sure where they have all came from

My heart frame wall pin up is one of my fave, I usually put things I have collected in it such as my vintage postcards

I am a major fan of buntin, I found my buntin really cheap at this vintage fair, I love how its all different floral patterns and colours it looks so pretty with fairylights on my bed

I have a lot of treasure kind of boxes plotted around my room so the grey french one is one of my faves I store mt jewellery in

You can't really see my necklace hanger, its full of all my necklaces, as I have said in previous blogs necklaces are my fave, I love chunky necklaces, small necklaces and chokers

All of my picture frames in my room are white as you can probaly tell its my theme, I have a lot of wall hangings of lil hearts and picture frames

And finally my empty candle pots, I fill these with earrings and bracelets, they are really nice features for my dressing table

So that's a quick tour of some of the objects in my room ♡

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