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Day out at a library?

As I am a photography student I get to go on a lot of trips which some prove to be extremely non useful whereas others can be fairly inspiring

My latest project for photography will be based on documentary, I want to capture social problems both close to home and far away. Looking at widespread issues of immigration, homelessness, drug abuse, domestic violence etc etc

If you have any idea's on what I could document please feel free to comment as all idea's will be much appreciated at this stage

I have many inspirations for documentary work, my favourite being Stacey Dooley and Louis Theroux, I love the idea of being an investigative journalist


My latest trip was to Birmingham to look round galleries, I was more inspired by the latest library they have built, in fact we were all more intrigued about the library than our actual projects we were supposed to be working on

It's really important to keep a camera or mobile phone close to hand wherever you are, I love just capturing photo's of anything, buildings, locations, landscapes etc. The library had balconies which had amazing views of the city. It was a picture perfect location

and who would of thought this would be a perf spot on top of a library?

Whenever going on trips my top five things to consider would be:
  1. Take a camera, video recorder, phone, document anything around you, the work of photographers, the location or even the daily bustle of the city you're in
  2. get a feel for your surroundings, no when opportunities are going to come up, keep your phone close to hand
  3. don't follow the crowd and copy what others are capturing images of
  4. notepad and pen are essentials
  5. make sure you get a Starbucks 
I am really looking forward to starting my project, I don't know which direction it will take me but it's exciting

Above is a few snaps taken on my phone of the day, as I said before take a camera anywhere with you, you can document anything and everything and who knows if you will be intrigued by a library setting 

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