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Dealing with panic attacks

So what is a panic attack?

The NHS define it as having recurring and regular panic attacks, often for no reason

In my view I think it can take many forms, many factors and situations

Being at school was probably one of the hardest times for me, I was un-confident hated my appearance, struggled to make friends, struggled to speak out in class and genially kept myself distant from the crowd

Most teenagers hate, HATE walking past groups of boys or girls, for me this is where my panic attacks began. It got to the point where I couldn't walk down the street without thinking everyone was staring at me, I used to feel breathless, sweat dripping off my forehead and panic rising through me

Other situations were talking out loud in class, loosing your voice when the teacher asks you to read out what you have written or answer a question. I would sit there frozen to the ground, I barely answered questions in class, I hated people paying attention to me, I wanted to blend into the background or for the ground to eat me

My panic attacks were triggered over things such as:

  1. Speaking out loud in class
  2. People staring at me
  3. Being in assembly, or a room full of people in silence
  4. Walking down a street alone
  5. Being in an overcrowded place

I guess you could describe me as extremely paranoid and full of anxiety and fear, I was petrified of what people thought of me

So public speaking was definitely not my thing, I still hate it now, so you're probably wondering if you have read my previous post on plans for the future, I intend on studying broadcast journalism at university, now you're probably thinking why the hell would you want to do that when you can't even speak out loud in class

The course will consist of talking on a radio, being in front of a camera and being confident with approaching people, everything I used to hate with a passion. But I will not let my lack of confidence get the best of me, because whatever people tell you, never let it shatter your aspirations.

So my advice to you?

  1. Don't feel like you're the only person who struggles with confidence, it's a really difficult thing to overcome, but my advice would be to push yourself, don't let it get the best of you
  2. If you're like me and hate making eye contact with people because you're scared of what they think of you (which may sound ridiculous) push yourself again, I recently have started doing it, talking to a variety of people, interviewing, answering questions in class, it has really helped me increase my confidence
  3. If you're walking past a group of teenagers on your own, don't avoid eye contact and look away as you may seem unapproachable and believe it or not people will pay more attention to you, so smile and look up, don't think too much into it
  4. If you feel on the verge of a panic attack get away from that crowd, the location, situation you're in, walk away and go somewhere calm, close your eyes and take deep breaths, the worst thing to do is to keep over thinking the situation
  5. I know how hard it is to be body confident, but go out there and don't pay attention to people who make you feel miserable, walk past and don't think about it
Dealing with panic attacks can be so difficult at times but the more positive you remain and calm the easier it will get

How do you deal with panic attacks and where did they trigger for you?

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