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So I blogged before about homelessness and how as humans we are kind of wrapped up in our own lives so yesterday I was walking home, it was quite late, the pubs were rowdy, plenty of people around and sat huddled in a shop entrance was a man

He didn't look up at me or acknowledged me, he was used to being ignored and invisible to the public eye, so as we are all guilty for this my initial action was no time to stop carry on walking

I walked a few steps and stopped, looked back and saw the sadness on this mans face, staring at his 2 pence in his hat

I turned around and walked up to him, gave him my change and he suddenly looked up, startled that a teenage girl would approach him and said 'bless your heart' 'bless your heart', 'have a good evening madam' those words were very heart warming, felt a bit teary eyed to be honest

Just stopping for those few seconds made him happy but also me

Stop next time you see a homeless person, try and put yourself in their shoes, how it must feel every night to live the same routine, see the same happy couples dancing around the streets and to be sat there the entire night thinking about your life and feeling nothing but emptiness

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