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The pressures of being a teenage girl

So being a teenage girl can sometimes feel like the world is ending

♡~Getting a tiny pin prick spot appear on your face
♡~your hair not growing to the desired length
♡~comparing yourself to the stick thin media portrayal of girls
♡~ stressing about outfit choices
♡~not being able to afford glamourous makeup

It can all seem like whats the point???? I'm not going to be the next beyonce

The biggest pressures facing girls these days is body image

Girls are becoming obsessive with the media's portrayal of airbrushed stick thin models, girls are being brainwashed from such young ages of 13

Is it right that 13 year old's are not eating because they want the desired 0 inch waist portrayed by some models, is it for girls this young to stress about their appearences and have severe anxiety

With the constant feed of the media younger girls are being brainwashed and it seems that all everyone is concerned about is body image and achieving the goal of perfect

Are looks everything? What are your views on this?

Do teenage girls face enormous amounts of pressure over their appearence due to glossy magazines of models?

In my own view I think teenage girls are so body concious because of the media's negative  portrayal

Remember it may seem like looks are everything at this age but don"t fall for the media's trap

We face enough pressure over exams and life in general so don't let the media brainwash you


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