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Work experience @ BBC

Last year I was given the opportunity to write for ‘Moving on magazine’ I will post the link further down. This is a fabulous company if you are struggling with career choices or just need a guiding hand or advice, it’s basically a student run magazine and its great to put on your CV.

It was a nerve racking experience, I was suddenly face to face with the world of journalism in the centre of London. Having no experience before I was told to write up two interviews, which I would ask questions to radio 1 xtra DJ Adele Roberts and her producer. I was utterly terrified. Wouldn’t you be?

The BBC is an experience which is hard to explain, you have researchers frantically thrashing their fingers accross the keyboards, the deadlines for the reports looming, the clock ticking.

You could feel the adrenaline in the atmosphere, the passion and determination.

However i didn’t have time to question these keyboard warriors and what it’s like to be a member of this team

I was rushed to the radio stations. It was the most bizzare experience I have ever faced,yet encountered

In one studio I could see all of the radio 1 Dj’s interviewing boyband Union J

Next thing I’m in a studio with high tech equipment, moving mixing desks, a room of buttons and clocks, and a DJ placed in the centre

With the questions at hand I was asked to put on headphones and talk through the microphone, my heart dropped

I have never been so nervous in my life

But I cannot tell you how worthwhile that agony of not being able to get rid of those nerves was

I asked my questions, the conversation was flowing, I learnt the true reality of the pressure you face with the looming deadlines and time constantly ticking. Talking to the producer I discovered how amazing his job must be and how enthusiastic he was

If that wasn’t surreal enough try then sitting next to Eliza Doolittle and watch her sing and do an interview.

Crazy, utterly crazy.

So here’s the link for the magazine, it’s great for work experience, seriously try it out
and if you’re interested here’s the article I wrote after this incredible opportunity

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