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Now once I am home I will show you my fab project on an abandoned cottage I did for my photography project, I love abandoned buildings, I don't know whats so interesting about them, I guess I kind like to find the pieces of who lived there before, what happened to them and why the building is un used and who inhabitates it now, I find it all so interesting
So in Portugal literally you drive every five minutes and you will keep seeing abandoned buildings being dotted around, upsettingly I am not allowed in the buildings due to my parents fear of me being abducted by a foreigner, however today in Lagos I came across this abandoned hotel, it was massive, I couldn't find anyway in and it looked like homeless people had took over it but I snapped a few shots from the outside
So theres a few snaps, it looks quite creepy, but I would of loved to of gone inside, I am hoping to look round some of the buildings in my nans village as they may be alot safer than a city, so thats something to look forward to
Do abandoned buildings interest you?
Apart from the abandonment, the rest of the day was spent looking around the town which was very picturesque, some of the styles of the buildings are extremely unique and surreal, like this one below which is covered in green mosaic tiles
Here's the rest of the pics from today, the weather was scorching
The locations are so perfect for pictures, harbours are my favourite places, it was so windy today tho almost unbearable, I hate having long hair when its windy drives me insane!! and at the same time I was trying to hold down my skirt so the world wouldn't see my down the stairs department and hold onto my hat, it was a nightmare but it was a good day
Lunch was pretty perf aswell, we sat on a balcony overlooking the harbour
I had a chicken and bacon panini and it was so good, the bread they used was the best panini I have ever tasted, no exaggeration
So thats the wrap up for today

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