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Airport antics

Heey guys, so today is holiday oooh

However my holiday hasn't gone to plan, its 4.30 am and I am in the worst mood ever (3 hours sleep by the way)

However got to the airport weighed the cases and it was overweight therefore my mum decided to pop all my hair products, moisturisers, lotions etc into the HAND LUGGAGE WHICH IS NOT ALLOWED

So all of that had to be chucked

Then it came to airport security (lovely) so I knew I was going to get searched, so I remove all my items, my treasured bowlers hat and place it in the tray and then the bleep thing goes off, brilliant, so I am told to stand to the side and have to go through a full body scanner where they said you have something on you, panic rising through me, I was like no I don't, so they patted me down and said ok you're free to go

So embarrassing,  its always me

Anyway great start to the morning, I will blog later

Have a fab day lovielies♥

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