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One of the best experiences of this holiday had to be the beach at night, it was literally the most stunning, peaceful thing ever

This is one of the prettiest beaches I have ever been on, its in a small town near Aljezur (Portugal), my favourite thing ever is the tide coming in at night and the sun setting, I'm not really a beachy person, the sand does my heading, I get hot and bothered and usually pack up after an hour or so. However the beach at night is so much better ( in my opinion). I love the calmness at night and it's so much cooler which is a huge advantage to me, but then I complain about being cold

What do you prefer beach in the day or night?

Anyhow, I saw the perfect opportunity to start photographing the sunsetting and tide coming in, I'm not 100)% sure if my video I have uploaded will work, not great on tech!


Due to my Internet connection being completely awful in Portugal, I haven't been able to upload my daily posts, so I thought this one would be good to do on its own and then I will do a final wrap up of the holiday

I had such a fab time, I hope you're all enjoying yours


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