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Day 1- outfit

heyy guyss

I am glad to be in pourtugal, the weathers lush, so yesterday this is what I wore to travel, dungarees and a blue stripy crop top, the dungarees were about £16 from a shop called Bank? I don't think it's called that anymore, but dungarees are so great to have, I haven't worn them in nearly a year because they can look quite childish but if you glamour them up they can look stylish.

The stripy crop top proves to be popular, its from topshop and it should still be in stores because I didn't get it that long ago, it was also not fairly expensive, its a nice flowy top to wear and keeps you cool.

I brought two hats for holiday, my bowlers hat being one as that never leaves my side, and also a bigger floppier hat, the floppy hat was from h&m and the bowlers hat topshop, I love black hats, not very summery I know but they can be dressy or subtle, deffo worth the buy!

On my feet I had white sandals and I brought some pretty lil anklets, anklets are perf for holiday, I recommend them I wear them everywhere and they don't not go with things

I went in the pool yesterday, I have two really cute summery bikinis that weren't that expensive, my latest one was from the airport shops (accessorize) and that was £15

For dinner I was a typical pourteguese and had grilled chicken and chips it was beyond lush, I will keep you updated on my outfit for today and plans

Let me know where you are on holiday and what your summer wardrobe is looking like


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