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Day 4 and 5- Locations

So my updates seem to be slipping as I have barely any Internet access out here and its also extremely slow and my camera uploads seem to take a century to load up
The views and weather in Portugal is so perfect, it's great for taking photos, there are some fab picture opportunities of the coastal line and waves crashing against the cliffs, no filters are needed on the pictures as the sea is so blue and clear. I would definitely recommend you getting a Nikon DSLR camera as they are fabulous for great picture quality and scale
Here's one of my fave pics, I love the contrast of the sea and sky it's so beautiful, this was captured by an old abandoned fort, I took this on the edge of the cliffs and did a panoramic shot, the sea mist was so surreal that day
So here's a few pics of the fab views
Food: Literally living off Peri Peri chicken and chips it's so good out here, whenever I am on holiday I tend to just eat like a junkholic but oh well it's only for two weeks out of my life
Here's the preparation of the food, it's all done so nicely and it tastes fab
The other luxury I keep buying nearly twice a day, is ICE CREAM, it's very expensive out here but fruit ice lollies are my fave ever
whilst eating you can sit and see incredible views of the sea and the sea mist, literally so good photo opportunities
I love the moodiness of these images and how dramatic they appear, none of these images have filters on, the sea mist was incredible
My floral skirt and white crop top has been one of my fave outfits, it's an outfit that's keeps you cool and refreshed, the skort isn't too tight and either is the crop top, they are body hugging but fit loosely, giving you room to eat if you have a few ice creams like me
It's a nightmare to keep your hair from blowing when it's the windiest place ever, still looking pale as
Just admiring the views
See if you can spot me, it was such a hot day, this was part of a chapel I am stood outside for, weirdly it reminded me a bit of mama mia
Nails- As you are probably aware I absolutely love experimenting with nail varnishes so when my nan said she had a proper shellac nail varnish set up I was straight to try it and it had the same outcome as the salon, if you have never had your nails done with shellac, it's like a gel and lasts approx about 3 weeks?? I love it because it hardly chips and you don't have to constantly go over it. So I decided to have mine a pinkish colour, it's a shiny lightish pink so fab for summer, I have had it on a few days and it still looks brand new. If you have never had it done I deffo recommend you test it
Portugal has such picture perfect towns
Hope you're having a fab summer, let me know where you are on holiday and what camera you use? Tomorrow I am going to a large town, hoping I can find some little vintage stores and markets

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