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Gaza conflict- what's going on?

Now I like to keep up to date with news bulletins and what's happening around the world, so this morning I noticed a few tweets from affected civillians in Gaza

Now if you're like me and never understand what really is going on in these countries then listen up

So what's going on?
Well Gaza are at war with Hamas, this major conflict started on the 8th of July

How did all this start?
Hamas launched a rocket towards Israel,  and in response Israel launched 'operation protective edge' so since then the city of Gaza is in pieces, buildings collapsed, families killed

Could you imagine what it's like to be a teenager over there?  One boy said his university was bombed, now it may sound great over here if the schools were shut down but could you imagine everything around you being destroyed? Living in constant fear? It's crazy and here we are living our daily lives not in fear and not really knowing what's happening in Gaza and I think it's really important that we do

With over 8500 Gaza civillians injured, it makes you wonder how this all started? It began when three teenagers from Isarel were kidnapped by Hamas militant and killed, this sparked conflict and since then the two cities have been at war

If you have been watching the news quite graphic pictures have been streaming of young children which is extremely distressing, but is it right that three year olds are being shot? Blinded? Abused? Homeless?

Its a mad world we live in and we should be thankful we don't live in conditions those teenagers live in

What are your views on this widespread issue?

Sorry for a bit of a depressing post today guys, just think it's important we are aware of what's happening around us and choose not to ignore it

Have a fab day xxx

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