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Le holiday wrap up

Portugal has been pretty fabulous, a glorious two week break of endless sunshine,ice creams, heat,beaches, the list goes on and on, I have literally adored every second of it

So I am sitting here now typing this and feeling the (holiday blues) pretty depressing I know, don't you just hate that now summer is basically over and holidays have gone, those two weeks have whizzed past and now it's back to the same old dreaded routine

Although I was in Portugal for 14 days, it feels like I didn't really do alot apart from lounging around (attempting to get a tan) and putting on half a stone

My favourite day out would probably of been, oh god this sounds so childish, but we went to this fab place called (Zoo marine) next time you are in Portugal check it out, it's basically a kind of sea life centre? but its huge and I mean HUGE to the extent where it had its own beach, a wave machine and water slides, what more could you want? So I was able to snap a few photos of that day out which I really, really did enjoy

I love pictures like this, where the sun decides it wants a part in my photo, I don't know how to describe the look of it but you know like old photos of summer,it has like an American theme to it

This was a pineapple and strawberry slushy, which was so good and refreshing, the weather at this place was unbearable

I love heights and these are my fave things

I can't go anywhere without eating crepes especially nutella ones

We watched a seal and a dolphin show which was pretty cute although what are your views on animals being used for public entertainment? Do you think they enjoy it?

The dolphin show was pretty spectacular

Most adorable snap ever

This seal amused me way too much

And how could you end your day without popcorn? I tend to just write about my love for food, don't I (awks)


The best thing about Portugal is the views, the sea mist was incredible and I managed to capture that in a few photos

All of my day trips consisted of either being right at the edge of the cliffs and snapping these photos or being relatively near to the sea, it's such great views and we had not one miserable day it was literally perfect

My other favourite day out was in the city of Lagos, now if you read my previous posts you know I like abandoned buildings and the mystery behind it so this abandoned hotel was fab to photograph, in Portugal there is so many abandoned buildings it's out of this world

I got to wear my fave outfit apart from the fact it made me seriously moody as it was so windy and it was such a task to hold everything down

The views for our lunch that day were spot on

Best thing I brought, seriously check out the markets abroad, the stuff might look rip offs but some of it can be fairly decent

Another ice-cream pic...

Harbours are my fave places

 The town of Lagos was very pretty and had a range of buildings and lil cobbled streets

Made a few friends along the way

Again sun wanted an appearance in my images, the local beach town we went to was full of this art deco like houses and the colours were so pretty

My nans dog was the cutest dog in the world, literally fell in love

                                     My mum turned 40 out there and for her birthday we went to this  perfect restaurant along the sea, the views again were amazing

Eating dinner we had this view which you don't get at alot of restaurants, it was a fish restaurant which I wasn't very keen on, instead  I had chicken.... (no judging)

So overall I had a fab time in Portugal, it seems like I did nothing but I have only selected a few days out, sorry for the bombardment

Hope you're all having a fab summer wherever you are


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