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Liebster Award

To finish todays post of, i was nominated for 'The liebster award' by the qt blogger, check her blog out:

So the aim of this award is to give 11 random facts about yourself and to then answer the 11 questions  asked by the blogger who nominated you

Basically we can all become bezzles and find out interesting facts and beauty stuff we like etc etc

Afterwards You then nominate 5 more bloggers and set them 11 questions to answer of your choice

Right now the long winded instructions are out the way i can now start

Random facts~

♡ I am 17
♡I am obsessed with bowler hats
♡I live in black but also love floral
♡travelling and photography are what I love to do
♡revlon lip pencils are my favourite (never seen without lipstick)
♡I hate having bare nails, have to wear nail varnish
♡I want to be a journalist
♡topshop and american apparel are the shops I love
♡I have never tried mac makeup (I want to)
♡music is my daily medicine
♡I would be lost without long hair, fave thing ever


1) What is no1 makeup essential item you have to carry around?

Lipstick without a fail, I constantly top my lips up throughout the day, for the last three months I haven't used any other brand lipstick apart from the revlon style, literally my world their lip pencils, if you haven't tried them out seriously go for it

2)Do you own any pets and would you like to own any?

I have two black labrodours called milly and monty, I would love a house rabbit or a pet pig, yes just to put that out there

3)Favourite food?

Anything off the menu in nandos ♡

4) Role model?

My role model is definitly women in the media who are in tge media for a reason not because 
Of their looks but their success, so mine would be stacey dooley the bbc3 documentary gal, I adore her and she covers such engaging stories, its the ideal job I would love to do

5)Must have beauty product?

Not going to say my lipstick again but definitly bourgeois eyeliner, I love winged eyeliner and the paint on one not the pencil or pen one, bourgeois do this fab gel one and it makes your eyes stand out so much and lasts all day, I have wore it for three years now and not changed my style of eyeliner

6) Dream job?

I have always known I wanted to be a journalist and that goal will never change, however I am never certain what part I want to go into, I love the idea of travelling and making documentaries, I love the idea of being a researcher for a magazine, doing radio work and broadcasting,on the other hand I adore fashion and the creative industries, working for a magazine, having my own column, so I am not 100% sure what part I want to go into but documentary would definitly be my ideal thing to do

7) What do you like about blogging?

Connecting with a teenage audience for one, I love reading other teenage girls blogs, I love giving advice and I just really enjoy writing overall

8) What do you like to do in your spare time?

In my spare time I tend to do alot of socialising, I love chatting with people and going out different places, I love late night train journies and car rides but most of all I love taking photos of literally everything in my life, memories are very important to me

9) Place you would like to visit?

New York without a doubt, I love the culture, the fashion, the lifestyle, everything about that place is so appealing, it would be fab to document

10) Favourite song at the minute?

I never really have any fave songs because my taste in music is so broad I basically like everything

11) One person you would like to meet?

Thats so difficult, almost impossible to answer, I literally have no idea, I like to meet people who have interesting stories to tell

Thanks for nominating me x

I nominate~

♡ ~



Those are some of my fave bloggers so be sure to check them out ♥

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