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Results fear

Soo in a few hours we will all be discovering our grades, whether we have got into uni or the second year of college/sixthform

I haven't really thought too much into it which is weird for me because usually I would be sick with fear for weeks up to the date but this time I am fairly relaxed, I don't know if this is a good thing or not

I think theres so much pressure for teenagers these days to get good results, c's now seem to be frowned upon, you need an a* in everything to be successful in this day in age. Its ridiculous, don't feel like a failure, as long as you tried your best, revised plenty then you have nothing to worry about!! Don't let the education system shame you and make you feel like a failure

I always used to fail at maths, it used to knock my confidence so much, but there is one key word you need to keep in mind DETERMINATION and positivity, so what if you don't pass never give up your dreams and ambitions

I am hoping I have done well, i revised months ahead until i could physically and mentally recite each textbook, yes its weird and not the best way to revise but i have passed every exam that way so far

Whats your revising techniques?

I wish you the best of look for tomorrow, don't panic and let me know how you did


Positive thinking guys xo

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