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Role models?

Is there enough positive role models for teenage girls? To boost their self esteem? Pride in their appearence?

A role model shouldn't be judged on their looks, role models are about setting examples and due to the media's portryal of women and celebrities, role models seem to be going out of the window and far away

Who are your role models? Do you think the industry is full of positive ones? Or is it all based on looks?

For me my role model would be someone like Stacey Dooley, an investigative journalist, in the media for her work on world wide affairs such as drug problems,  child soldiers, the stories she tackles are really engaging and pull on your heart strings. Now if you're not sure who she is check her out on BBC3, she makes amazing documentaries

But talking to a few younger girls I asked who their role models were, they replied with Cara Delvigne, Miley Cyrus, The Kardashians, as fabulous as these people are and I do love them, are they good role models? Showing younger girls that the only way to get noticed is to act provocative and suggestive in your appearence?

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