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Now I am really confused my original post for today keeps deleting and its so annoying now I have wrote it about 9 times

Anyway because its a miserable day and cold and wet and just purely miserable, I love to turn the heating up, put all my fairy lights on in my room, get snuggled up in bed with my tablet watching skins or American horror story and eating a massive bar of galaxy chocolate.. perf

So I thought what a better day to do a room tour? I kinda touched up on this post before by posting a few of my fave things but now I thought I would actually give you a room tour. I adore my room to pieces, its one of my fave places to be and every little object in there is so personal to me

So above is a virtual room tour, I apologise about the backing sound my brother has his cousins round and they won't be quiet eugh

My fairy lights are so pretty, I do have two sets but I haven't put batteries in the other one, my bed spread is a french style, its a thin floral sheet basically which is my throw? It was extremely expensive but its so cosy and suits my room well, I always have cushions on my bed, I adore lots of cushions, I want to get big duck feather ones to put around the side which will be really cosy for winter

The theme in my room is white vintage and floral patterns, the chairs featured in my room I found in charity shops, now most people stick their noses up at charity shops but all you have to do is buy furniture really cheap paint in white and change the handles? My dressing table is also from a charity shop and all I did was paint it a creamy white then sand it down to get a vintage effect. Bags are my life, they have to always be displayed in my room, I am not a fan of designer bags or ones with logos and lots of colours, I like plain block coloured bags

And whats better than a galaxy bar to start your miserable weather day?

I adore my bird cage lamp, this was from Laura Ashley, I recommend if you love pretty picture frames, bed sheets, wall hangings and ornaments head down to this store, it is a bit pricey but do you want your room to look pretty? Another thing I adore is hearts, I have a lot of heart hangings around my room its basically just another lil cute feature, and you can't really see but at the end of my bed I have floral bunting

My hats take a prime place in my room, my dressing table is quite scruffy, I have loads of cute lil items and objects such as pretty candle holders, vintage perfume bottles and little boxes

The back of my room is not that interesting, we recently got new doors and I kinda love mine, is it normal to adore a door hmm, the white circular chair is from a charity shop, I have a heart picture holder which is a bit like a notice board, I personally like it because its nice to not have to blue tac pictures to a wall and ruin them instead you can just slot them into this lil cute frame

My Jewellery all kinda sits on my chest of draws, I love my postcard picture, all my accessorises are drooped across this really pretty white bird jewellery hanger

So I hope you like this post

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