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The blur of the future?

I think it's important we all remain optimistic for the future, who knows what's around the corner? Now if you recently collected your exam results for Uni, Alevel or gcse and feel dissatisfied, well my advice is don't

It may seem the end of the world that you haven't got 4 A's, a C these days seems to be frowned upon, which is ridiculous because I have always been proud with a C. As long as you worked your socks off, then don't let the education system make you feel like a failure because you haven't got top marks in every single subjects, I will never be one of those people and I have no clue how they do it

But congratulations to all you brainy people

When I didn't receive the grades I desperately worked for in a particular subject one year , this was a really good video for me to keep watching, I advice you to

Anyway that's not what today's post is about

The future to me is a blur, I have no clue where I will be after sixth form, if I will have the valid work experience and grades and tbh it's all veeeery worrying

But the more you keep thinking about how scary it can all be, I think setting targets you want to achieve is a really good way of achieving a positive future

1) So for me, at the moment I really want my blog to become noticed in the next few months, I love writing about beauty and fashion and generally my lifestyle but I also really love helping teenage girls, giving advice and covering issues that concern them. I would also love to start my own you tube channel up because that is something I always wanted to do, and vlog about beauty,fashion and lifestyle ( I want to thank all of you fab people who regularly read my blog, it means the world to me)

2) I aspire to be in the journalism industry, now I am still not certain what I want to do in that industry as since writing this blog I have realised I love writing about fashion and beauty but the course I want to do at uni is based on radio, magazine and broadcasting, but the good thing with that is I can go into any branch after that. I think my main fear of uni is my confidence, something I have always struggled with and it's only because I am so anxious of what people think of me, I hate being on camera and in front of a screen and you're probably thinking why the hell are you doing a course like that?

The answer is I have got so much better with my confidence and I want to prove to not only myself but to everyone who has always said I am unconfident and will never achieve y ambitions. I would love to make documentaries and cover hard gripping stories its something I love at the same time I love fashion so its finding the balance between that, which is going to be virtually impossible atm

3) TRAVEL, every teenager wants to travel right? But travelling to me is about seeing the world through the lens of a camera and documenting different lifestyles and cultures, I would love to travel and being a journalist hopefully I would get that opportunity, I adore Paris its one of my favourite places, I would love to visit more exotic places though, BUT I NEED TO SAVE WHICH IS DEFINITELY ONE OF MY BIGGEST AMBITIONS YET

4) Experience, I desperately keep trying to get noticed and hopefully all of these emails and regular blog updates will get me noticed, I would love to be able to connect with a wide range of people and to blog about companies products they want me to review. I would love to get experience with a fashion magazine or write in an advice section of a magazine like shout or sugar?

5) CONCERTS, I am literally deprived this year of not going to any concerts and its really depressing, I adore music, not one day since I was 8 have I not plugged my ear phones in. I would love to attend all the festivals especially Reading, it would be a dream for me to photograph and interview the singers, I love things like that

So basically I just want to achieve success in the next few years and end up doing something I really adore, hopefully I will look back at this in a years time and be able to say to you yes I have done most of those things

What are your ambitions, goals for the future?
What are your steps to achieving them?

Love ella


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