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5 happy things

This week I have worked tremendously hard and there's so many horrible things happening in the news, remembering 9/11 it all gets a bit too emosh and I really don't want to keep depressing you all, so I thought I'd be positive and write about five happy things that have happened this week 

1) I have such a phone call phobia if that even exists, I am a complete nightmare answering the phone, I work up a sweat and have a panic attack every time and it's not even that bad, anyway today I am so proud of myself as I was able to ring up for work experience and have a good chat, in two weeks time I am going to a food back whare house now that might not seem that exciting but do you even know how much poverty we are surrounded by? I never knew foodbank a existed in my town so I am looking forward to documenting the day and then  I get to write an article on it which is mega exciting 

2) I have started to save money! Believe it or not I have actually started saving all my coppers up and pound coins left over from lunch which is good as it stops me from buying junk so it's gonna be a slow process but hopefully next year I will be driving going to festivals and holidays with the girls, shall I keep dreaming?

3) I got a job trial! So another phobia of mine is peoples first thoughts on me I want to come across as confident and a nice person and I am always scared I come across the complete opposite but I have grabbed myself a trial at this cute vintage tea room next week so fingers crossed it goes well

4) I have got mega excited looking over Nottingham trent uni accomodation, I really want to go to Nottingham however I am looking around Manchester net tomorrow which is gonna be pretty cool and maybe I will prefer it more, anyway nottingham have got this amazing new student union building which is all modern and the accomodation is above it, I love it because the furniture is white and I am obsessed with white furniture, I have to have a nice room at uni and preferably white but this is always the most expensive of course isn't it, room decor means so much to me

5) Overall I am feeling quite happy about my achievements this week and thank god I dropped history and now can concentrate on three a levels which has brought my stress levels right down

I hope you have all had a fab week

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