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It's been a looooong day, but a really good one. So today I went to Salford University which is basically Manchester but it's on the outskirts. Now alot of people are quite opinionated and judgemental about this particular place and I am not going to lie, after seeing Nottingham I didn't think my thoughts on where I wanted to go would change, but miraculously it did

I am definitely a person that judges interior, I am a nightmare when it comes to things like that, so when we pulled up at the old campus registration thing it was really dull and lifeless and we were surrounded by abandoned buildings and I was thinking was it really worth my time getting up at 6 to come here

However as you probably already know I want to study either broadcast journalism or multi media, so my first impressions of the site were not fab, however we caught a bus which is free of charge for uni students so that's appealing after you have to pay up to a tenner round here, anyway I had to double take out the window when we arrived at 'Media city', so I have just gone 10 minutes around the block and suddenly I am in this modern built up area, surrounded by the BBC, ITV, Coronation street, radio 5, sky and it's all a bit like w o w

So you're surrounded by all these fab companies in this kinda like circle I guess it was so surreal, literally my dream and if you see behind me this is the best part, my course would be located here in the  rectangle glass building on the right

The building where my course would be located is all modern and trendy which is obviously a thumbs up from me as I have to be in nice interior and a nice location, so we had the talk it went on for about an hour and a half and of course my belly would sound like a dying whale the whole way through, does anyone else have that problem? controlling the noises your stomach makes even when you have eaten a banquet? Maybe it's just a nervous thing I guess

Anyway so the the lecture rooms were very fancy and I have that embarrassing dad asking questions every five minutes which was great and then at the end he made me talk to the people which I really was scared to do but now I am glad I did it and they were very impressed with my experience so far and my determination and it's made me feel really proud that I haven't been told I can't do it, like I always used to because of my confidence levels, the also fab thing is they said hopefully we will see you again and that has also gave me a confidence boost, so this personal statement better be good ot oh

Another fab thing about studying journalism at this particular uni is that the lectures have the experience of working in the industry, at the bbc, gmtv, sky, radio and magazine and newspaper work, lecturers like this are definitely people I want to be taught by, and all my work experience could be done next door as the BBC is literally next to us and ITV so it's all very surreal

Anyhow I am definitely still in love with Notts but this was has kinda taken its place

Where do you want to go to uni?

So location wise, there's a tram that runs to Manchester and is literally just located outside the building and central in media city, so Manchester is 10 mins away, the students said theres not really a great lot to do around Salford but with Manchester being that close I would preferably spend my time there. Around the corner from here is a chain of restaurants, shops and cafe's, of course I stopped at cafe rouge, I actually don't think I have mentioned it before but its my favourite place in the word, and I am extremely sad as I order the exact same meal every time and do you know what I can't bring myself to change because I love it so much

I would deffo recommend the poulet baguette (chicken baguette) it has the best sauce ever and the chips are heavenly, so deffo go for that

Fave places to eat?

ITV studios, at the back of this which you can't really see is the coronation street set

Ok so after all these positives comes the negatives, firstly this is basically the only nicest part of Salford the rest of it is quite run down but they are re vamping it and modernising it, however as I said before the tram is every 10 minutes and also regular buses so that's ok, but the accommodation can easily stop me from coming here, so the two I looked round I wasn't keen on at all, I felt not safe and yeah it was very rough and opposite an abandoned flats so fab view that was, however I could cope with that but it was the room situation, the buildings are very old and there's no en suites now I may be sounding like a spoilt little rich girl which I am really not but first impressions are key right? I was shown round a really grubby flat, one student was very weird with me and it made me feel really uncomfortable about who you would be staying in a flat with

However they are building this swanky new group of student accommodation which looks so good, its modern and just my style and I know I would feel so much safer and happier in a new building with my  own space so I deffo would go for that option

So overall it was a really exciting day and its made me excited about the future and excited to achieve what I have always wanted to do

The main piece of advice I could give any one of you is never let someone push you back, if you get pushed back make yourself go further

I will never give up my ambition of being a journalist, I have wanted to become one since I was 10

What are your ambitions?

I have had a fab day 

So hope you have had a fab weekend

Any questions leave below 


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