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Fitting in

First week back has been abit of a drag and I have somehow already become ill with the flu for being back at school for five minutes so thats fab

Anyway I think a really kinda good post that affects everyone this week is going back to fitting in at school or college even uni. Fitting in can seem really difficult and I think the worst thing is to be a teenage girl and go to a new insititution without your group of friends, so this week I went into my final year of sixth form and we had a load of new people. Now alot of my friends have the oppinion of whats the point of socialising with the younger years when we already have our friendship group? Yes you don't need to go and get a whole new group of friends but that feeling of seeing a girl group together laughing and having fun is horrendous when your completely new. I think we have all had that feeling right?

So anyway a girl appeared next to me and she was mega sweet, she introduced herself straight away and asked for my help to find her lessons. I realised after talking with her for a bit that she was the same age but retaking the year so therefore she had moved from her old friends to a whole new sixth form. Now that has to be pretty terrifying

I think you have to remember what its like being new, and yes don't get rid of your friends but if someone is alone I always try and make them feel comfortable like I said to this girl she could hang out with us at break and lunch

Being a teenage girl can be pretty daunting, trying effortlessly to be accepted by a new girl group and scared of them bitching behind your back, its horrible, so make those girls feel comfortable because you have to imagine what its like to be in their shoes

Comment if you can relate to this

I hope you have had a fab week back


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