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Miserable Saturdays?

Hey guys,

So it's been one of those days where you lounge around the house for hours and feel completely and utterly sorry for yourself. I have really not had a productive day today, do you ever get those days where you just seem to hate everything in life and just let yourself waste away for a few days? I'm sure we have all been there

I don't know why I am so miserable today, I usually have posts I want to blog about but today I have no clue, however the only thing that keeps stringing to mind is Portugal and how perfect my holiday was there. So instead of dwelling on the negatives and scoffing my face with junk food and lounging around all day, I kind of want to set targets I want to achieve, my main priority being I desperately need a job, now having no job can sound kinda fun, I mean don't get me wrong I love having lie in's and being able to do and go anywhere, but with no money? I'm not used to being this poor it's not a great feeling, my ideal job would be working in a clothes shop, I would love to work in Topshop because that's where I buy most of my clothes. Anyway so for the past week I have spent continuous hours on the web searching for jobs, which they are barely any and accessorise have still not got back to me

What I would like to achieve:

1) A NEW JOB!!!

2)Let me know your opinions on getting my hair lightened at the ends, so a kind of ombre look? I am so tempted to do this but so scared of the outcome

3) Get healthy and achieve good grades

My ideal days would be going somewhere with my camera, a cute picturesque town or exploring old dilapidated buildings, this is what I miss about Portugal, now in England the weather has gone miserable and we are back to the same daily routine of education and work

I miss being here alot, when I was walking down this street it was one of my faves ever, maybe I would suit living abroad than living here, I just adore other cultures and languages and basically everywhere but England 

I hope you have all had a fab week

I apologise about my mood I will be back to normal in a few days don't worry

Let me know of any post suggestions as I am mega bored


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