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James Foley

Hey guys I apologize deeply for not posting in a few day's and the sad thing is I'm not too sure what I have been doing

Anyway I thought I would blog about the recent world affairs happening, for example the execution of the war journalist James Foley, which left me absolutely stunned in silence for a good few hours, I think being in the UK we never really think about the outside world and what's going on, I hadn't caught up with the news for a bit so when I did I was horrified over this story

What were your views?

I think the fact he was beheaded is the sickening thought and what's more scary is how many journalists a year are captured by these horrifying group of terrorists who go by the name ISIS

It still gives me shivers just thinking about it and the fact the video of it live went footage, imagine being the parents or siblings it's horrifying.

So basically Foley was an American freelance journalist and photojournalist of the Syrian civil war, he was abducted in 2012 and was captured up this point until ISIS declared 1 million to the US government to free him

He was only 40 years old

Its sickening what people are capable of these days

Let me know what you thought of this story and did you know about him before he was executed because I hadn't of

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