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Liebster award round 2

I was nominated by the ever so lovely Christine who has a fab fashion and beauty blog so be sure to check it out

What inspired you to name your blog?

I'm not really sure, I did think alot about it but my nickname has always been smella, nutella, ells, ellsbells, so I thought well it's my blog and I am going to make it personal and I think nutella suits it quite well

What are your 3 essential pieces in your wardrobe?

My three essential pieces hmm, my kimonos, my American apparel shorts and my tight black high waisted jeans

What city do you think that can be included as a new fashion capital?

A new fashion capital? Hmm not really sure to be honest, but my favourite fashion capital would be New York

How do you think you could help improve our society?

Hmm by stopping people's ignorance to homeless people and making them see what it's like to be in their shoes

If you had to choose from a field trip or club, what would it be and why?

Club as in pardy club or like school club? well I am gonna pretend you mean party party and I would definitely choose a club because of the atmosphere and music
What is your favourite perfume?

List your three favourite musicians or bands.

Bipolar Sunshine
Ella Eyre

Where would you move?


How is your everyday style to dress?

Black Black Black

Do you have pets?

2 black labs called Milly and Mont's

What do you do in your free time?

Sing, photograph, revise and blog

So I am not gonna re post this and tag people because my set of questions go out to all the people that follow or read my blog, which I love you all for doing

So my question to you would be who is your inspiration and why?

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