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5 happy things?

Above is my fave pic I took in the summer on one of my hikes in the woods it was such a perfect day, I love long walks it's good for clearing the mind

Anyway I'm not too sure how to sum up this week, I'm still jobless but I did do some pretty good work experience and I am also aware of my amount of work I have to do which I could not bring myself to do today. Literally done nothing all weekend it's been depressing

Anyway I never focus on the negatives too much


- I will write an article this week and hopefully I can get it published in the local paper 
- I will get a job this week I am so tired of not having one now 
-Get on top of my work load
-Chill the hell out and be happy
-Have a fab week hopefully and not as bad as this one

Hope you have all had a fab weekend 

Ella x

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