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Feels like I haven't posted in years, I am still here just been mega busy 

So yesterday I went on my investigative work experience to see what happened at a foodbank and it was one of the most  devastating but amazing experiences ever. You may think a foodbank is nothing great or even worth going to but that's the fab thing about investigative journalism, learning about the lives of others, the roles organisations play to help people get back on track. You would be surprised how many people use the foodbank, their devastating stories of trying to feed their family. It was such an interesting experience and I got to interview the staff and photograph the day so I will blog about that when I write everything up as I have to write an article for school and I hope I could get in published In the paper because you would be amazed at the work the foodbank does 

It as a really challenging experience it's not easy going into a unfamiliar place on your own and interviewing complete strangers I always freak out but that's the great thing about it the feeling of pride once you have done it and the more experience I get like this the more confident I will become. It does take guts but I will never give up on my ambition. You just have to keep pushing yourself and it will work out 


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