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Real women campaign

I've been really ill for the last two days again which has been fab and I don't know if I'm the only one but does anyone else sit glued to the daily tv shows on TV, like Jezza Kyle, this morning, loose women, I watch them all and before you know it, it's 4 o clock

However today I've been watching this morning earlier and came across Gok Wan's real women campaign, where ordinary women step forward into the limelight and get a makeover for the day, they are any size, any profession, any age. It's about showing the UK female population that whatever you see in the magazines is not a 'real' portrayal of what women look like, it's not about being stick thin, glossy hair, big boobs, tiny waist. 

What I love about this campaign is it sends out a message of the importance of ignoring the media, the media creates a false reality to the younger generation, it's making young girls starve themselves, high levels of anxiety

This campaign highlights that you can be body confident and sexy at any age, any size and any look.

Don't let the media distort you view of a real woman 

Ella xxxx

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