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Zoella- A good role model!

The other day I saw an awful article about the beauty and lifestyle blogger Zoella. For those of you who don't know who she is, the best way to describe her is a youtube sensation and an incredible role model for young girls.

You may ask why? Well Zoella blossomed on our youtube screens back in 2009, she struck me because of her advice, the way she dealt with problems, made you feel better about yourself. Not many girls have someone to talk to about issues, mums never really understand and you see all of these advice sites with 40+ women telling you how us teenage girls feel. Well they have no idea, and what advice is better than from someone who has been through it them self and is of similar age?

I think Zoella is an incredible role model, her videos show hair tutorials, makeup, room tours, her life and most importantly advice. At the age of 25 she has an incredible amount of support and I am a major fan of her work

Her dealing with panic attacks and anxiety was one of the most powerful videos I have watched on youtube, she knows exactly how to explain and how to give advice and she MUST of helped so many girls. 

However she was slammed in the national paper the other day by a journalist stating how bad role model she was to girls and how she has achieved fame in the easiest way. Easy? I think it takes a lot of confidence and courage to be able to post videos on youtube and to keep the momentum going. The hardest thing is about getting noticed, but more importantly liked

There's the link for the article. I have no idea how that got published, saying things about her appearance and what shes bad at. The media irritates me when things like this are written

I think Zoella is an incredible role model

Let me know what you think

Ella xxxx

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