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Today I attended an open day at Worcester Uni, I knew there was going to be an activity thing to go to which would involve me having to be put out of my comport zone. I was told it would be something on broadcasting and immediately I said to my mum no chance am I doing that today. However I will say that about most things but I always do them.

Feeling sick and terrified I walked up to this room alone and sat down. For the first time I thought no Ella you can actually do this, I looked at the people who I was competing with and I thought Jesus I actually look more confident than them.

Our task was to listen to a scenario about an incident, I love things like this so immedietly I began taking notes, would be useful if I could learn short hand. We had to start firing out questions, so what better way to prove to myself and everyone around me I could do this? I started the questions rolling, I then kept asking and I felt comfortable and confident.

We then had to write up a quick bullentin on what we had discovered. I loved it working to a deadline in a pressurised environment. I was told to read mine out and it was silent and I thought oh god I've ruined my chances, everyone was stunned and I was congratulated on my work I was told I was 'impressive' never has anyone told me that.

My confidence was definitely at a boost after this, I was so proud of myself and it makes me determined to keep boosting my confidence even more, I love the idea of being a journalist, learning about different people, getting stories being at the scene it's all so exciting

My advice to you is, just put yourself out there, never in a million years did I think I would sign up for a broadcast journalism course or even speak in front of people let alone shout out questions

I'm incredibly proud of myself, you just have to go out there and achieve your ambition, I've definitely achieved mine 

I hope you have all had a fab week

I'm actually looking forward to the next week I'm feeling more confident about the future 


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