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Everyone has that dream of travelling the world right?

My top three places to visit are Paris, New York and Japan. Three amazing cities, with the best photo opportunities ever, the different lifestyle and cultures, meeting new people, the nightlife, and most importantly the shopping. Wouldn't it be great to just hop on a plane and go for months, I'd be more than happy to just travel around with my camera and floral backpack, doc martens on my feet and bowler hat on my head.

My obsession with Paris began when I was told about a trip to Paris with school. I had never really thought about Paris before that. It never struck me as somewhere I wanted to visit. I remember handing the letter to my mum, and her telling me how much of an amazing opportunity it would be to do it. Yeah it would be great I thought if I had a real friendship group to go with and at least someone to go with. I think this is where my determination started about doing whatever I wanted, achieving something. I decided to go on that trip, with no one. And believe me it was the hardest thing for a 13 year old anxiety ridden girl to do. Everyone had their friends, someone to sit with on the coach, I sat on my own. If you want to do something in your life, don;t be bothered what others think of you, Paris was one of the most amazing experiences of my life.

You may read about Paris and how its the most perfect place to go, the love capital. But honestly it is. It's one of the most beautiful cities I have ever visited. The french language has always fascinated me, I always tried to learn it when I was at school but I only know the basics. I adore the cute boutiques and the fresh pastries from the bakeries. But past all of that is the sight seeing of Paris. The Eiffel tower, Notre damne, the palace of Versailles. It's all so surreal and especially when you're 13, everything is so much more breath taking.

I'm not sure where all my photo's went from Paris, I had a disposable camera, however I do have a few printed around my room. These photos are pictures I found from friends facebooks. The people on this trip I barely knew, however I know most of them very well now and some are really good friends. There's always benefits of going places alone, just push yourself to do things or you will end up regretting everything. 

We never went to the top of the eiffel tower, however this was the view from one of the floors, it was surreal.  Such incredible views. I remember feeling envious of a couple who asked me to take a photograph of them, all dressed up outside of the eiffel tower at night, they were going for a meal. I was very envious of them. 

I remmeber not wanting to get in any photos because I was so skinny and I look so young compared to everyone. Can you believe they are 13! I look about 7

The palace of versallie was one of the most breath taking place I have ever been to. It's hard to describe unless you have visited. But it is so much better than the eiffel tower. The gardens are incredible, immaculate, flowers, fountains. The hall of mirrors was perfect, it was such a surreal experience. 

The gardens were incredible and it was such a perfect warm day. I just wish I had the camera I have now it would of been an even better trip. You wouldn't believe the scale of these gardens and how neat and tidy they are.

If you ever get the opportunity you must visit the palace of versaille, the river sienne, eiffel tower and notre damne. If you have been to paris let me know your fave places

There were designer labels everywhere

If I was to go again, which I definitly would. I would love to go at christmas, visit all these places again and go to love lock bridge. Probably with my friends tho, who know what the future holds.

Love ella xxx

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