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1 of those days

So after a really positive 12 days and something good happening each day, well it was expected there would be days where I feel completely miserable and that is today. You know those days where you just wish you didn't get out of bed this morning and maybe everytbing would be a lot different?

I'm having a major bad day and that's actually only to do with one particular person affecting me, I let things affect me to easily that's my problem. But this situation has got to me way too much and is even starting to affect my confidence and self image again which is not great

But of course I'm not going to let it escalate that far, I will never let someone have complete control over my emotions. But you know it's one of those days where you just feel useless and wish you didn't exist

On the other hand I have my Nottingham Trent interview tomorrow which I am nervous about but after Worcester I'm feeling fairly confident but the whole 'informal' clothes confuse me and I want to fit in 

Anyway I'm praying I will feel A LOT happier tomorrow. I told you this month would be major ups and downs for me but didn't realise extra add ons would be included 


Hope you all have a fab Tuesday


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