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Day 5

Day 5 into January and I'm still keeping a positive face on. So today I got an email back from a charity I contacted who are in connection with the homeless. So thats mega excited I'm going to be able to talk to the people that run it and hopefully catch up with some more homeless people. Then I can highlight this issue again by writing in my school newsletter because a great article will be about how over christmas the amount of happiness we feel is a complete different story for someone homeless. 

Secondly I plucked up the courage to go and enquire about a job today, walked in and then walked out and walked back in again. Wasn't going to let my nerves get the best of me. Its so rewarding when you get over an obstacle like that, I mean I was feeling physically sick about asking about a job, but you have to kick yourself and the people were so friendly and I was fine as soon as I was in. Anyway she said they already had a saturday worker but she's not always secure therefore I am praying I get the job.

Back to routine tomorrow and my hectic January begins

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