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Day 7 and self esteem

Today I had my Worcester interview and I was mega mega nervous, but I'm proud of myself. I can't even imagine doing the things I do now last year, my confidence has grown so much and its the biggest achievement ever, I've learned to accept myself and most importantly learnt not to care what others think about me. So it sounds easier than it seems, but talking to new people is always hard right? I used to hate it, hate getting into pairs and group work at school but today I loved it, I love meeting new people and getting along well. And if you feel like your confidence stops you from doing things then honestly push yourself, it's the most rewarding thing you can do.


So as part of my interview, I had to read out a few headlines in this radio studio and I really enjoyed it, radio work is definitely something I want to go into. And I was chatting with the main lecturer and it was such a chill atmosphere and I felt happy.

But as I'm sat here writing now, I've been hearing a load of reports and articles on self harm and how it should be spoke about in school? I think its a topic that stirs many views, but the thought of someone feeling so alone terrifies me, I hate people being sad and feeling like there's nothing worth living for. But then I was thinking about what you're actually taught about mental health in schools and coping with body image and there's nothing?
There was never anyone to talk to, no one wants to talk to a teacher about how they feel about their self esteem or appearance and I really think schools need to work something out to make teenagers feel happier. I would of loved to of had an older student to talk to when I was at school, someone who understands how you feel and to any of you who read my blog who ever feel like you have no one please feel free to talk to me.
Feeling like you have no one is the worst feeling in the world and I can't talk but bottling up your feelings is a massive no, don't do it, it makes things ten times worse. Only recently have I realised that.
I do think schools need to educate teenagers on mental health, bullying, body image, they are really important things and not enough teenagers are educated enough about them. As a teenager its normal to constantly have different moods, there's so may pressures both at school and in society and it can all be a lil too much. I definitely think younger girls need that guidance at school because body image concerns even target children as young as 10 now and that's shockingly scary.

Let me know your views on what's been mentioned

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