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Excited for the future

For the last four days I have been feeling pretty good and motivational about this year and yes I know everyone feels like that at the start of every new year but I'm really trying to sustain it. And to achieve these goals I've been working extra hard each day, writing lists of things I need to get completed and just generally being happy. Also it relives so much stress when you plan everything out.

I am mega excited for this year, there are gonna be so many changes and really cool stuff to look forward to. I'm nervous about my uni interviews but not of the lectures just the people I'm going to be up against, but I'm not going to let them be a obstacle or make me feel out of place. This year I'm going to push myself harder than ever before with my confidence, I don't care what people think of me anymore because it's never stopped me from what I want to do. So yes one I'm really excited to meet new people and go to uni, I'm excited for all those changes but picking a uni is going to be extremely hard as I have three favourites and kinda want to go to each one. sigh

Secondly I'm excited to get a job, and tonight I'm going to spend hours emailing around different places, I really don't want to be a waitress as its not my kind of environment but I guess its another way of proving to myself I can do something. I think I will be so much more content once I get a job again, the thought of buying myself makeup and clothes and not having to beg my parents literally competes my life.

Thirdly I'm looking forward to finishing sixth form, I've made some incredible friends in the last two years people I never want to lose, I mean I've never had a close friendship group if you have read my previous blogs and when I started sixth form I decided to start putting myself out there and its made me this confident person and I'm so proud of myself for doing that.

So in the next few months I have plenty to achieve, I want to work with the homeless more, get involved with charities and save save save so I can be super happy over summer. I'm feeling this year a lot already.

And yes we all have the dreaded week tomorrow, luckily mines a teacher training day but stay positive guys


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