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I think my main fear growing up has been of girls as weird as it seems. When I say girls I mean the intimidating ones, the ones who make you feel so nervous that you can't speak, the ones that are so confident and all huddle together. So this was kind of brought to life today at my Notts interview.

As I said before Nottingham was my fave place without a doubt to go to uni, but after going to worcester I've realised how out of place and lonely I would feel at Nottingham. It's so large scale and the people I was with today made me feel so out if place, this relates to girls.

Everyone kind of starting talking and all these girls with their heels and designer bags sorry to be stereotypical but yes they were all blondes and it's always blonde girls that are the intimidating ones, so they all ganged together and I kinda had one of those days where I didn't want to socialise with anyone because of the way these girls were behaving. Now I didn't want them to think I was shy because I'm not and I've proved that to not only myself but to everyone in the last year. So when I come face to face with bitchy intimidating girls my confidence goes to a size 0 and I honestly didn't think I would speak to anyone today.

However I met this lovely bunch of girls, the more reserved ones who were feeling the exact same way as me and it was so nice to all be in the same boat and I reassured them that girls like that are nothing to worry about it's all an act. These girls I met were so lovely we chatted and made each other feel at ease and it was the best feeling ever to be told omg I thought you were so confident when really I was dying inside. 

So how do you stop the panic attacks when you come face to face with the girls  who think they rule the world, well you join the girls who feel the exact same way and you team together and intimidate them by showing them you don't care and giving them no attention and that way you feel so much happier, that is what I realised today.

Never let girls make you feel worthless honestly they are not worth it as much as they think they are 


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