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Sorry Guys, I've taken out a lil  bit of time from blogging, can you believe it's Feb already? Now at the start and end of every month I want to reflect on things. January has been a bit of a whirl wind. I mean on the 1st of Jan and compared to how I feel now would be a complete extreme. I was so miserable in the first two weeks of January, but I'm feeling so much more positive about Feb.

Feb is my fave month as it's my birthday month so I'm looking forward to a lot of things but a kind of resolution for this month is to focus on myself and remain happy because January has been ups and downs every week and I don't want to do that every month. I also need to be a lot more motivated and not let things affect me as much as they have been doing. Also still no job and money, but it's ok feb will be my month I'm sure of it.

So let me know of any posts, advice you know the drill


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