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Happy new year!

Its been again a long time and i'm really lagging with blogging and I apologise but this year I am definitely going to stay on track. You always feel motivated at the start of a year right? and then it lasts a day or so and you go back to your original habbits. Anyway I hope you all had a really lovely new years eve whatever you did and also a really cute day today, I'm still struggling with staying alive from my night out on Tuesday let alone last night.

So because it's a new year and supposedly all this 'new year, new me' rubbish which I have never gone along with, I do feel you have to set yourself targets and remain positive and happy. For example this month is gonna be so hectic it actually makes me want to curl up and hibernate for the next 30 days. So next week I have a bunch of mock tests that I really need to crack on revising with and not only that I have my uni interviews which I am mega excited about weirdly as I thoroughly enjoyed my kind of trial one at Worcester, it gave me this massive confidence boost and I've realised I CAN DO IT and I will. So yes for the next 4 weeks I have a uni interview every week, at least its a day of school and I get to travel round the cities and meet new people which is mega exciting. Not only that my photography project on poverty and homelessness is coming to a close and I also really need to get cracking with finalising my shoots. I'm a perfectionist when it comes to organisation and work and I will literally re start a project until I'm content with it. So I have a bit of travelling to be doing in these next few weeks and talking to homeless people which I did the other day and i''ll write that post up tomorrow it was such a weird experience but then again a real eye opener and made me realise why I want to be a journalist so much, I love connecting with people and their stories.

So my goals for 2015, I think my biggest one is to PROVE E V E R Y O N E wrong, get my results, go to uni and be the best journalist ever.

Secondly to stay happy and focused this year, kinda let myself go a bit in these last few months, but that's normal, we are teenagers, easily distracted with life.

Thirdly, I desperately, desperately need to find a job, if my mum was reading this she would make me put this as number one.

Finally just to have a really awesome year, full of concerts, late nights, meeting new people, working with the homeless and just having fun.

Let me know what your goals are for 2015 and I hope you have all had a fab 2014

Ella xxxx

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