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Je suis Charlie

My heart goes out to the twelve that were killed in the recent attack on a magazine called Charlie Hebdo in Paris. Although the magazine may have published imagery and articles which can be seen as offensive, there is no justification for murder and its sickening how innocent people are taken away from us on a daily basis because of Islamic extremist groups.

I feel anxious for the people in Paris, it must be a terrifying atmosphere knowing these men are on the loose. They were last seen in the north of France and it must be terrifying knowing they could be anywhere right now, we have to hope they can't get past border control.

Let me know your views on this, praying these men do no more harm or damage to any other lives
Anyway it's day 8 AND I'm still remaining positive, literally have no clue how I've managed to stay in a good motivated mood for eight days straight, its crazy but literally I'm enjoying everything so much more by remaining positive. Even when I had three mock tests today which what more could you want in life?
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