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Mood swings

The most annoying thing about being a teenager is the constant ups and downs. The constant pressures. The constant confusement and you are always searching for who you really are right? Desperate for people to like you and most importantly desperate to like yourself.

Do you ever just get into one of those moods where you completely hate on life. I mean I've remained happy and positive for 8 days but its day 9 and I'm the most moodiest person alive. Mainly because all my friends are out clubbing and having fun and I'm stuck inside because one I'm not 18 and two I have no money. So feeling fabulous

I haven't heard back from any jobs yet but I'm applying for another tomorrow, it's for a Sunday position  so I hope, PRAY they notice me and take me on.

Apart from me being a misery, I'm disgusted by the events that happened in Paris earlier today and I really hope today is the last day now the suspects have been killed. But four innocent lives were taken in that jewish supermarket and there is just no justification for that what so ever. My heart goes out to all the families affected.

Being a journalist must be such a terrifying exciting job, I'm so pumped for the future but I don't ever want to get involved with terrorism attacks, its such a risky business and instead of reporting the story I would be more concerned in actually helping the people affected.

Hopefully tomorrow I'll be in my positive refrain of mind again and I will have interesting things to blog about over the weekend I promise x

My daily blogs are just literally about the news and what's happening in my life but my weekend blogs will be a lot more interesting

Hope you have all had a fab week xxxx

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