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Ongoing homeless project

So as you know my homeless project is drawing to a close. I have been in contact with two more charities one called Doorway and the salvation army and I'm arranging a day to visit and speak to them and to then write an article for the younger generation again. So I'm mega happy they have been in contact with me and they said my article and project sounds very exciting and appealing. So more travelling and trekking around cities involved and hunting down the homeless.

I've not heard anything back on the job front but fingers crossed, also I have a uni interview tomorrow which I'm nervous about but also mega excited to meet new people and to do another group activity. So I'll let you know how that goes.

Anyway I wanted to share a few photo's I've been editing on this on going project.

So these are just a few from my recent shoot in Coventry, I'm working on the portraits of the homeless guy and once they are done I'll upload and also add the video footage

Hope you all have a great week xxx

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