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overthinking emotions

There's a huge gap when it comes to understanding teen girls and boys right? Especially when we talk about liking people. Boys are like a completely different specie to us girls, and its hard for them to understand how we feel.
 So I thought I'd write from my own experiences the emotions teenage girls feel when they really like someone, its a confusing time right? The constant high and low moments, no in-betweens. And you always say I'm never going to be obsessed with anyone, never going to get attached and then someone may show you some attention and all of a sudden they are the only thing that makes you happy, its crazy right. I hate how someone is able to control your moods and emotions like that.

I think the most painful thing is when you're so happy and it seems like that other person is too and you talk constantly, those late night convos and then all of a sudden it stops suddenly and you just don't know how to react.

So for a girl we over analyse and over think everything. Don't know how it works for boys, I will never understand. But to me girls are straight to the point, they will sort out situations and try and make light out of things whereas boys can somehow block everything out and act like nothing is wrong.

One thing that annoys me more than anything is looking like the obsessive one, but you know when you're so desperate to talk to someone and if they don't talk to you, you sit there like what have I done?, did I say something wrong?, you read back through every message and then you start to question everything they have said and you sit there feeling pretty empty and worthless right?

I hate boys who make girls feel like that. I would rather be told to go away or I'm not interested than have to deal with the ignored messages and what makes it worse these days is when you can see when that person was last active and then you know for sure you're being ignored.

It can be a really confusing time but if you're being messed around by someone, my advice would be try and resolve that problem, don't let them hold the power, confront them and tell them how its making you feel. Don't let people mess with your emotions, I've let that happen for a few weeks and its the worst thing in the world. That person will soon realise what they want and then it will be too late, they will act like they don't care but really its killing them to.

But remember if someone can't make their mind up about you, are they really worth it?

Don't let people mess you around and make sure you put your happiness first.

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