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I have never been a major fan of jeans, then all of a sudden I've found my love for them. But only topshop jeans and yes I know they are a billion £££ but trust me THEY ARE SO WORTH IT. I can never find clothes that fit me properly so it's great that the most expensive shop ever is the only one that can cater for my needs (sarcasm). Anyway I would of never been able to afford topshop jeans so they were a Christmas present. I am extremely fashion conscious if you read my blog and I have always wanted a pair of ripped jeans and therefore I got some black ones which I adore.

So these are the ones I got, what I love is the fitting and black jeans are just a must right? Also you can wear them with chunky boots and cute glittery socks, topshop glitter socks are deffo my fave season buy right now.
So having them for a few weeks actually made me realise I LOVE JEANS and therefore with the rest of my Christmas money I purchased another pair. Of course in a different colour, I decided on a faded blue and because I loved my ripped effect I decided to get another pair like this. The blue ones I'm actually more in love with, they are super high waisted and fit really figure hugging. The only negative aspect being you can't over wash them because they start to fade and also the rips keep puling and stretching.
But apart from that I really recommend with the sales you hit Topshop and purchase some joni jeans because they are so perfect and if you own any let me know what you think of them
Ella xxxxxx

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