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Sia video controversy

So if you keep up to date with the music charts then you might have seen artist Sia's new video to 'Elastic heart'. Now before I start about why the video has caused so much concern, I'll enlighten you on what the video is supposed to mean. So in the video you will see a cage and Shia LaBeouf and Maddie Ziegler dancing.

The moral of this song is a young girls broken relationship with he father. However the controversy has become viral around this video. Shia has been accused as peadophilic in the video as Maddie is only 12. Now truthly when I first watched this, I was shocked and felt quite uneasy at some scenes. But we feel like this because of how sexualised the media has become today, and how rape seems to be a more frequently rising crime which makes us anxious to see videos like this especially after all the Jimmy Saville cases and other well respected people.

So this video was bound to spark remarks. The age gap for one, the fact they are barely wearing anything and dancing. But should this be seen as abnormal? Let me know your views on the video

Also quick update got an A in one of my mocks so at least that is something positive out of a Monday, hey ho


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