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Approaching 18

When you're younger you dream of being 18, going out clubbing and just luvin life however I've kinda already done that being 17 so I'm now not really sure what to expect now I turn 18 in an hour. Not only am I mega excited but absolutely terrified because I'm actually going to be an adult and that means responsibility it means one step closer to uni and the future and god that terrifies me.

But what I'm most proud of being 17 is how confident and happy I've become, taking a different approach to life has made me so much more positive I don't focus on my appearence as much anymore, I don't really care if people don't like me and I will achieve my dreams of becoming a journalist.

Everytbing I have achieved being 17 I never thought I could do so now turning 18 I will prove more to myself and I guess that's kind of exciting 

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