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Don't you hate being a teenager?

I think almost every teenage girl feels like this. You just have those days where you concentrate on your appearence so much you crave for someone to compliment you just to reassure yourself that you're actually ok.
I have days where I can focus on myself for hours I will stare at my reflection until my eyes literally blur trying to improve it, it's the pressures of being a girl isn't it, the aim to constantly look perfect, it can all be extremely draining, constantly focusing on one aspect of yourself for me my eyebrows have always been a problem, and when I start concentrating on them I see so many flaws.

Flaws, flaws, flaws everyone has them

Girls constantly compare themselves to each other, their friends the world the magazines everyone. But we shouldn't let our insecurities and appearence affect our lives so much. Who cares what people determine as pretty, hot, attractive, someone will like you for who you are so it doesn't matter what you see in the mirror.

The other strange concept I looked Into the other day was the idea of we have never actually seen what we look like, it threw me completely it's like one of those things you can never get your head around, we have only ever seen our reflections and that's pretty scary right?

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