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Homeless in coventry

So I'm that time disorientated I thought yesterday was the 1st of feb. Anyway I've had a productive day photographing my finals and staying generally happy.

Today I met two homeless guys who were willing to let me photograph them. Both located in the subway. The first guy 32, family knew he was on the streets, a past of mistakes left him in prison, heroin addict, alcohol abuser but now changing his life around. Been in coventry for the past 5 weeks, kicked out of hostel for having an dog attack incident. His dog was 18 months old quite skinny. The amount of people who passed didn't really pay attention they were more concerned with why I was photographing him. Now not being funny but how are coppers going to support somebody? Is it even worth putting them down? This guy had made £1.35 and this was around 12ish. 

The second guy I met was with the Scottish guy I photographed last time, I was sad to find out that man I met had ended up in a serious fight which had landed him in prison. But then think about you are better off in prison, 3 meals a day, a bed, warmth, shower etc. it's like you have to do horrific things to be treated like a human. Such a disgusting country, yes people make mistakes, people do drugs, get Into the wrong crowds but who the hell deserves to end up on the streets at the age of 24.

Dan was the most heart gripping homeless guy I have met yet, originally from Birmingham, been on the streets 4 years, in and out of care left him homeless, no family, parents both dead, can't claim any benefits until he's 25. A young guy who's had a dreadful life, abused in care, lost his parents, got Into drugs ended up homeless, is this his fault? He had no one to guide him and has no one now. A guy of 20 should not be left on the streets it angers me so much, I hope to meet Dan again and get his story highlighted in the papers, this country really need to re think how they treat the homeless

I hope you have all had a fab weekend xxxxx

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