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boys sigh boys sigh

So repeatedly I always hear friends stressing and crying over silly little boys and yes haven't we all been there? Allowing silly boys to mess us around and make us feel like complete rubbish. Yes we have all been in that position

The easiest thing to do is to actually not let yourself get into that position, you know what kind of boy you're dealing with. You have the ones who try and impress you by speeding in their shirty little sports cars, the ones who harrass your insta with likes, the ones who wolf whistle, the ones that blow your phone up. But it's always the ones you don't want that pay you the most attention right?

Well I find that anyway and I was thinking about this the other day how girls always (most of the time) chase after boys who couldn't care less about their existence and push away the ones who would drop anything in a heart beat for them. Are you aware of boys like this? Cos I sure am

Now if you're dating or seeing someone where you are literally the one putting in the 110.5% effort then what the hell are you doing with your life, make a boy fight for you don't chase them, boys who chase you are the ones who care if you're constantly grafting after their attention then kiss em bye now

Don't let yourself be messed around by silly teenage boys who play girls, play the game back to them they soon hate it and the best thing is they don't think you ever know about other girls, do they think we don't stalk? Or gossip? CMON we are girls and girls find out everything so don't mess with us

So I am tired of hearing girls getting messed around by the same boys find someone who god damn respects you and shows you off like a trophy or just do your squats and eat your greens or in my case maccies

Ella xxx

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